9009 by James Hopper and Fred R. Bechdolt (Heathen Edition)


Spine #99
Hopper & Bechdolt
First Edition
Heathen Edition
November 2, 2022
Heathen Genera
Paperback ISBN
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A terrific feeling of power had risen through him. Once, in this prison, he had been a man intent on obedience; months had changed him to a sullen suspicious convict; years had made of him a crouching, stalking beast; and now, at the touch of this rifle, he sprang up a monster. His muscles were of steel, his nerves were of iron; he was sure of himself, absolutely sure. He felt that he could kill, that no one, not God Himself, could keep him from killing. He could kill when he pleased. He could not miss, of that he was incredibly sure; in his arms, already, in his arms, in his eye, in his trigger-finger, he had the feel of the coming kills.

James Hopper (1876–1956) was an American footballer, journalist, and author, penning some 450 short stories and six novels, one of which he co-authored with fellow journalist and author Frederick Ritchie Bechdolt (1874–1950). Inspired by true events, their unsentimental “fact-story” tells of John Collins, 9009, a convict fully deserving of his sentence, who enters prison with the sincere hope that he can make good. What he discovers, however, is a wholly corrupt system hell-bent on breaking him little by little, injustice by injustice, until he erupts with a calculated, bloodthirsty vengeance.
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"It is painfully realistic."
The New York Times
9009 Poster

9009 Poster