Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who and where are you?

We’re three dudes surfing the Appalachian waves of the Metro Valley Region in West Virginia.

Q: What do you do, and since when?

We’ve been publishing books as Heathen Editions since 2017.

Q: What’s all this “heathen” business about?

In short, cats — but these Heathenrys explain further:

Q: What puts the Heathen in your Editions?

We’ve prepared a handy 11-step visual guide that answers that question on our About page.

Q: Your book designs are pretty neat. Who designs them?

They’re designed by Co-Heathen Sheridan. Yes, he’s available for hire.

Q: Can I suggest or request a book for addition to the Heathen catalog?

Yes, absolutely! Carmilla and a few of our other forthcoming books have all been recommendations from our readers.

Where to Purchase?

Q: Where can Heathen Editions be purchased?

Heathen Editions are (or should be) available to order wherever books are sold.


If you would like to get Heathen Editions directly from us, then you can purchase them here (on our website) or via our eBay Store.

Q: Do you have a preference where I purchase my Heathen Editions?

Nope, sure don’t. We know you probably have your favorite retailer or bookstore and we’ll never upset that good thing you’ve got goin’, so you just keep on keepin’ on.


If, however, you’d like to more directly support us, then purchasing Heathen Editions here (on our website) benefits us the absolute most (❤️!), followed by our eBay Store, then our Bookshop.


If you’re not familiar with Bookshop, they’re actually really cool! Every purchase on their site financially supports independent bookstores, so you can choose between supporting your favorite local independent bookstore or contribute to Bookshop’s profit sharing pool that’s split between 1,600+ independent stores. Since 2020 they have raised more than $30 million for local bookshops! Check out their About page to learn more.

Q: I want to place a bulk order. Can I get a discount?

Yep, sure can! Mosey on over and Holler at us with your order details.


Q: What are my payment options?

We Heathens accept payments using American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.


Q: When do you ship, and how long does shipping take?

All orders for currently in-stock books received on this website or via our eBay Store are packaged by us, with a maximum handling time of three business days, and are shipped from (or around) Point Pleasant, West Virginia.


All orders that qualify for free U.S. shipping will be sent via USPS Media Mail. Once your order is processed, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. Depending on availability, some items in your order may be shipped separately with separate tracking numbers.


The shipping services we currently offer generally follow these shipping times:

  • Domestic
    • USPS Media Mail: 3 to 21+ business days
    • USPS Ground Advantage: 2 to 5 business days
    • USPS Priority Mail: 1 to 3 business days
  • International
    • Media Mail via eBay International: 10 to 30+ business days
    • USPS First Class Mail International: 10 to 20+ business days
    • USPS Priority Mail International: 6 to 10 business days

Backordered titles will ship when available. If the backordered title does not become available within 90 days, that portion of your order will be cancelled and refunded.


If you purchased our books through an online retailer, like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, then your order will be subject to their respective shipping and handling times.


Posters and T-shirts are made to order and ship separately within 5-14 days.

Q: Can I change the shipping method or delivery address after my order has been placed?

You have only until we generate and assign a tracking number, then no dice, so like our grandma used to say, “Don’t you dilly-dally, now!”

Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations, Refunds, Damaged & Missing Items

If you purchased our books through an online retailer or bookstore, like Amazon or Powell’s, then your order is subject to their respective refund, return, exchange, and cancellation policies.


For all books ordered directly from us the following applies:



We currently do not accept returns and all sales are final.


Exchanges, Cancellations, and Refunds

Exchanges, cancellations, and refunds for book orders may be made before — and only before — we generate and assign a tracking number to your order — and you remember what our grandma used to say? Also, some book exchanges may incur additional shipping and handling fees.


Damaged Books and/or Missing Items

If you ordered directly from us and your package arrived with damaged books or missing items, please secure the crime scene immediately and Contact Us as soon as possible with your order number and a detailed damage report, soldier. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. This act of war shall not go unnoticed! In most instances, we will ask you to provide high resolution photos of the damage so that we may, too, witness the same horror you’ve experienced and share in your bitter grief and infuriation.



After 14 days, if there is no response to our last attempt to resolve a shipping/order issue, your order will be cancelled.


Any book orders returned to our P.O. Box for any reason will be donated to a local library of our choosing.