Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (Heathen Edition)

Mrs. Dalloway

Spine #14
Virginia Woolf
First Edition
May 14, 1925
Heathen Edition
May 14, 2021
January 30, 2023
Heathen Genera
Paperback ISBN
Hardcover ISBN

She would not say of anyone in the world now that they were this or were that. She felt very young; at the same time unspeakably aged. She sliced like a knife through everything; at the same time was outside, looking on. She had a perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day. Not that she thought herself clever, or much out of the ordinary. She knew nothing; no language, no history; she scarcely read a book now, except memoirs in bed; and yet to her it was absolutely absorbing; all this; the cabs passing; and she would not say of Peter, she would not say of herself, I am this, I am that.

Adeline Virginia Woolf (1882–1941) was an English author and essayist and considered one of the most important modernist literary figures of the 20th century. She was a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device, which she wielded masterfully in “perhaps her masterpiece” Mrs. Dalloway, where, during a single day in June 1923, Clarissa Dalloway prepares for a party she will host that evening, while nearby, Septimus Smith, a shell-shocked war veteran, abruptly loses touch with this reality. Employing a nonlinear narrative to weave a vivid portrait, Woolf travels in and out of characters’ minds and forward and back in time to intertwine the social structure of Clarissa’s post–First World War London with the lives of all in her orbit.

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"One of the most moving, revolutionary artworks of the twentieth century.”
Michael Cunningham
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Mrs. Dalloway Poster