My Inventions & Other Essays Poster

My Inventions & Other Essays Poster

Nikola Tesla (1856–1943) was an eccentric and reclusive Serbian-American inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his lifelong feud with Thomas Edison, pioneering wireless technology, and his many contributions to the design of modern alternating current (AC) electricity. His autobiography My Inventions, originally serialized in six parts in the monthly tech magazine Electrical Experimenter in 1919, finds the famous inventor recalling his formative years and expounding on his major discoveries and inventions – including the rotating magnetic field, the magnifying transmitter, and the Tesla coil – before ending with a rumination on the failure of his Wardenclyffe Tower, and eye-opening explanations of weather manipulation and (what a modern reader can only describe as) UFO technology! This volume also includes nine additional articles, six of which Tesla penned for EE that same year.


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My Inventions & Other Essays by Nikola Tesla (Heathen Edition)

My Inventions & Other Essays

My Inventions