The Iron Republic by Richard Jameson Morgan (Heathen Edition)

The Iron Republic

Spine #45
Richard Jameson Morgan
First Edition
Heathen Edition
March 3, 2023
February 11, 2024
Heathen Genera
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I am well aware that much of what I shall relate will appear incredible, and doubtless the whole story will be set down by many as a purely fanciful creation, like the fictions produced by Bellamy and other theorists within the past few years.

I regret that my narrative proved, and demonstrated as it will be, must unsettle scientific theories and make it necessary to reconstruct some of our schoolbooks. But while this will result in temporary inconvenience and shake the faith of some in the dicta of science, upon the whole the benefit will far exceed the injury. It is well to have our scientific theories unsettled every now and then, or we would become fossilized and arrogant like the bigots of the middle ages and oppose any further advance in knowledge.

It is unnecessary to say that after my narrative has been accepted, the Zetetic theory of the earth as a plane will have to be recognized and the geographies made in conformity therewith.

Richard Jameson Morgan (1850–1906) was a pioneering American newspaperman, Congregationalist minister, lecturer, and author based in Florida, where he edited and published the Sub-Peninsula Sun and St. Petersburg Times (now Tampa Bay Times) newspapers. In 1902, Florida Magazine serialized his sci-fi novella that recounts the story — presented as fact — of J. Edward Barrington’s 1890s sea passage through the Antarctic ice wall where he discovers The Iron Republic, an ultramodern and technologically advanced utopian society. “Either as fact or fiction, it is a rare story and presents an ideal of society and government that will make the average reader long to be a citizen of the newly discovered Iron Republic.”

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"An unusually interesting serial."
Tampa Bay Tribune
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The Iron Republic Poster