The Story of Canada Blackie by Anne P. L. Field (Heathen Edition)

The Story of Canada Blackie

Spine #29
Anne P. L. Field
First Edition
Heathen Edition
March 30, 2023
Heathen Genera
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"But it’s all in the bit, and if a fellow is foolish enough to cut to the break in the deck he has no kick coming if the other fellow holds the best hand. And it’s only a fool who will not profit by his mistakes. Now, please do not misconstrue this . . . I do not wish to convey the idea that I have reformed, for I have not reached the ‘Turn of the Balance’ yet, but if I do, and perhaps I have a little yearning that I may, why I — well, I hope I can be just about as good as I have been bad. I have been thinking a whole lot since you left me that day and I wish I could meet such men as you every day. A hearty handclasp and a pleasant smile works wonders in the heart of the man who is down. They say a man can’t come back. That’s foolish. A knockdown is only a rest which a fellow can have while he is taking the count. He can then come up fresh to renew the fight."

Anne Porter Lynes Field (later Lloyd, 1874–1947) was a poet and writer best known as the author of the 1915 book The Story of Canada Blackie, which she was compelled to pen after a chance meeting with New York State’s most notorious criminal John E. Murphy, alias Canada Blackie. Serving a life sentence for a robbery gone awry, he was later given an additional 10 years for attempting a prison break, and vowed to defy all prison authority —— until he met Thomas Mott Osborne at Auburn Prison and saw Osborne’s “new penology” in action. Thereafter he championed reform within New York’s prison system with the same vim and vigor he had used to combat it, becoming a model prisoner and powerful influence for good in his last days.
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"...a prison reform book that has a power out of all proportion to its modest size and pretensions."
The New York Times Book Review
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The Story of Canada Blackie Poster