The Wicked John Goode Poster

The Wicked John Goode Poster

Horace Winthrop Scandlin (1880-1948), who claimed to have neither art training nor formal education, was a multi-award-winning photographer, journalist, and editor who took an especial interest in the convicts of New York during the era of reformer Thomas Mott Osborne’s “new penology.” While working as the associate editor of the Christian Herald, Scandlin met, heard, and serialized the powerful true story of “wicked” John Gordon Goode (1864–1934), whose 40-year career of robbery, rustling, gambling, drinking, and pickpocketing began at age 11 and ended — while employed as a New York City police officer! — with a conviction and sentence to Sing Sing for grand larceny. And then, while John Goode was at his lowest, he heard a calling from the Highest and vowed to become better than his name — evolving into a renowned leader of New York City’s legendary Bowery Mission in the process.


Measuring 12 x 18 inches with ample space for matting, our posters are printed on premium 285 gsm paper with high-quality archival inks, which produces lush and vibrant colors on a premium, textured matte finish.


Each poster is made to order and ships hand rolled in an extra thick triangular box/tube.


Please note: Posters ship separately from book and shirt orders. Also, due to the production process, please allow for slight deviations in size with a tolerance of 1/16th of an inch.


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The Wicked John Goode by Horace Winthrop Scandlin (Heathen Edition)

The Wicked John Goode

Horace Winthrop Scandlin