The Willows & The Wendigo (Heathen Edition)

The Willows + The Wendigo

Spine #19
Algernon Blackwood
First Edition
1907, 1910
Heathen Edition
May 1, 2021
February 12, 2024
Heathen Genera
Creepy AF
Paperback ISBN
Hardcover ISBN
At first it may not always be apparent, because the busy preparations of tent and cooking prevent, but with the first pause–after supper usually—it comes and announces itself. And the note of this willow-camp now became unmistakably plain to me; we were interlopers, trespassers; we were not welcomed. The sense of unfamiliarity grew upon me as I stood there watching. We touched the frontier of a region where our presence was resented. For a night’s lodging we might perhaps be tolerated; but for a prolonged and inquisitive stay—No! by all the gods of the trees and wilderness, no! We were the first human influences upon this island, and we were not wanted. The willows were against us.
Algernon Henry Blackwood (1869–1951) in his rich and varied lifetime was an English broadcasting narrator, Canadian farmer, New York newspaper reporter, hotel operator, journalist, bartender, secretary, mystic, teacher, adventurer, novelist, and short-story writer, and among the most prolific ghost story writers in the history of the genre. The son of a preacher, Blackwood rebelled against his strong Catholic upbringing and had a life-long interest in the supernatural, spiritualism, and the occult, later joining several occult societies. He was an avid lover of nature and the outdoors, which many of his stories reflect, especially two of his best-known works “The Willows,” in which two friends on a canoe trip become temporarily marooned on a river island only to discover the willow trees are not what they seem, and “The Wendigo,” where a Canadian hunting party encounters the mythical beast of legend – stories that led H.P. Lovecraft to praise Blackwood as “the one absolute and unquestioned master of weird atmosphere.”
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“. . . some of the finest spectral literature of this or any age."
H.P. Lovecraft